Tips for your Pooch

Is your dog an important member of the family? Do they deserve to be looked after and cared for in exchange for loyalty, companionship, friendship and being your protector?

If the answer is yes remember that its your responsibility to make sure that your dog is happy in the coat they live in - a dirty dog is an unhappy dog!

Dog grooming is very important, no-one likes a bad hair day and neither does your dog, he feels uncomfortable as you do with dirty matted hair, your dog isn't healthy if he doesn't look good on the outside.

Keeping your dog clean says something about you; it says that you're a responsible dog owner and that you care for your dog.  Your dog no doubt will join you on walks outside your home, but you may have occasion to do other things with your dog such as go to special events, or even take part in dog sports or activities.  Maybe you'd like to do some social work like visiting the sick or elderley.  Your dog could become a therapy dog, but being clean and friendly is vitally important for your dog under those circumstances, no one wants to pet a dirty dog, no matter how lovable.

Dirty dogs track dirt into your home and get dirt on your clothing, furniture and carpet.  Ungroomed dogs are more likely to be infected by internal and external parasites such as flees and ticks, also they may carry funguses such as ringworm that young children and the elderley can pick up from them.  Regular grooming eliminates many potential health problems.



Shampooch Grooming.