Pop-up Grooming

Just like Pop-Up shops that can be placed anywhere, so can Pop-up Grooming.

My pop-up tent is 213cm H x 110cm square and can be put up, collapsed and put away in seconds.  It can be situated your house, your garage, your garden, your conservatory etc., you choose where is best for you.  The pop-up tent will contain the spray whilst drying your dog and the hair that is clipped off, so no need to worry about having to clean up after me as there will not be any mess left.

I will bring all the equipment needed to groom your dog, all I need is access to a bath/shower and an electrical socket for my doggie dryer.  If you would prefer to bath & dry your dog prior to me arriving, then there will be a £5 off the normal price. 

The maximum size of dog to compare to is a Cocker Spaniel, approximately 80cm front to back paw with a maximum weight of 20kg.

Pop-up Grooming is a convenient way to have your dog groomed in their environment, with no car journeys or disruption to your daily plans.  Once you have let me in, you can leave me to it, I already have customers that leave me to lock up afterwards and even leave their keys for me to enter and leave the premises with no need for their assistance.   Obviously, I wouldn’t expect this to happen on my first visit but maybe on any subsequent appointments, again you chose!

If you’re interested in my hassle-free service, please get in touch & I look forward to hearing from you soon to make an appointment.